25 Ideas for What to Offer Behind a Token Gate

From VIP access and virtual watch parties to digital downloads and disposable cameras, we’ve got all the inspiration you need.

After you learn how to set up a token-gated website on Tellie, you may be looking for fresh ideas for what to offer your community via the page. The truth is, anything is possible—which, although exciting, can be overwhelming.

To help you on your way, we’ve brainstormed a list of 25 ideas for what you can give your community access to behind your token gate. Any of the following ideas can work together (or be added in over time) to create an engaging “fan club” experience where your audience accesses different kinds of content and experiences over time. Or they can be one-offs, which can be useful to raise money all at once (as presales, or as a kind of crowdfund). 

Whatever you choose to make available behind your token gate, keep in mind that you can always evolve your offering over time. One of the great things about NFTs is that they live in someone’s wallet forever (or, until the person trades it or sells it), so they can be reused for different purposes as your offerings evolve. For example, your NFT could unlock a one-time-only redeemable benefit at its launch, but then later be repurposed to offer a fans-only experience that you haven’t even dreamed up yet.

Whatever you decide, don’t overdo it. Come up with a plan that feels both manageable and exciting for you, that will also excite your community. 

25 Token-Gated Content Ideas:

  1. Early-Access Digital Download. Offer a digital download of your recently-published book, just-launched album, or now-debuting film. 
  1. Ticket Pre-Sales. Your most loyal fans should get the best seats. Embed a ticket checkout flow directly on Tellie, and reward token holders with presales.
  1. Private Discord Access. This is the most basic of web3 offerings, and still one of the best. Set up your Tellie Collection to work with something like Collab.Land or Unlock Protocol, and create a private channel in your Discord that’s just for holders. 
  1. Exclusive Merch Drops. You can embed your Shopify on your token-gated page, and then tease the products on your socials as a way to create FOMO and drive sales.
  1. Promo Codes. Use your token-gated page for flash sales by having your fans unlock the page to get the code. (Yes, the code can be shared—which is why you should time gate the sale to a single day.)
  1. Digital LP. Create a digital LP experience on your Tellie page complete with liner notes, lyrics, and bonus content like unreleased tracks and BTS photos and videos. Take it a step further and include a form for RSVPing to a private listening party (virtual or IRL).
  1. IRL Artwork. Offer artwork from your album, film, book, or NFT as a physical print. Embed a Typeform where people can enter their shipping information, or embed a shop where they can claim the work directly. 
  1. 1:1 Chats. This one is easy—offer meetups in Discord or on Zoom for some quality one-on-one time with your fans. Make it simple to manage by embedding a Calendly or Google Appointment calendar where people can book time with you directly.
  1. 1:1 & Small Group Workshops. Offer classes, workshops, writers’ rooms, critiques, and more. You can make them private, or make it more fun with a small group of people.
  1. Social Shoutouts. Offer to tag people in posts or stories, or link out to their sites. You could also promise to feature them in your stories, duet with them on Tiktok, etc.
  1. Bonus Content. Offer extra episodes of your podcast, share a super-fans-only cut of your film’s trailer, or reveal a track that didn’t quite make your final album.
  1. Finsta Account Follow. Make a finsta account, and add your holders as “Close Friends.” Use this account to give people a closer look into who you are and what you do. Let them be the first to know about exciting updates, and even give them a chance to contribute through polls, comments, and more.
  1. Invite to a DM Group. This could be on Discord, WhatsApp, Instagram, or anywhere else your fans are gathering. Bring NFT holders together, then let the group do its thing. You can pop in and out, as you wish. (Just be mindful of people’s privacy, and ensure your group is opt-in!)
  1. Exclusive Downloads. These don’t need to be finished works. Instead, you could offer stems, beats, scripts, fonts, filters, sketches, or any other “ephemera” from your creative practice.
  1. VIP Access. How can you make people feel like a VIP? Is there a line they can cut? A virtual stage they can join you on? A backstage or studio experience to be had? Whether URL or IRL, the sky is the limit.
  1. Listening Party / Watch Party. Have a fun event or release coming up? Host an IRL or digital watch party that holders can RSVP for via an embedded form.
  1. Offer Consultations. Do you have high-level domain expertise? Offer your audience the chance to book a session with you at a discounted rate.
  1. Collect Submissions. Does your community love sharing their tracks, remixes, or fan artwork with you? Embed a form on your page and make it a premium offer.
  1. Curated Lists. Are you known as a tastemaker? Create curated lists of your favorite artists, music, films, books, restaurants, or even a holiday gift list. Share your travels with city guides and Google Maps.
  1. How-To Videos. What is that one thing that folks are always asking you how to do? You could do a cooking demo, share logo design tips, or walk people through a makeup tutorial.
  1. BTS Ephemera. Share handwritten setlists, polaroids from a tour, early drafts, or screenshots from your phone. Anything that brings your fans into your process can be framed in an exciting way.
  1. First Dibs. Mint only one “first dibs” NFT. Promise that holders of this NFT will always get first dibs on pre-sales, limited-edition merch, and/or coveted event tickets.
  1. Commissions. Enable people to commission you to create something that’s just something for them, whether it’s a unique work of art or a song that uses their name. Make sure to consider how much to charge for this extra-special perk.
  1. Cameo-Style Videos. There’s no reason why you need to use Cameo to offer this! Simply embed a request form on your token-gated page.
  2. Disposable Camera. Here’s a fun one: Carry a disposable camera with you for a day, taking a picture (or two) every hour. Then send the camera to someone who claims it via an embedded form, and let them develop the film for a behind-the-scenes peek into your world.

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