5 Tips for Selling NFTs

When planning an NFT drop you need to make sure you've thought through some basics for making sure that people will want to buy what you are selling. We've assembled our top 5 tips for successfully selling your NFTs.

5 Tips for Selling More NFTs

From pricing to promotion, here’s everything you need to know to lock in buyers.

While planning an NFT drop is always exciting, it can also be nerve-wracking, as buyers and bidders are not guaranteed. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make sure your NFT sells. From pricing to promotion, follow our five tips for selling more NFTs and leave your pre-drop jitters behind.

1. Offer something you’re sure your fans want

When you’re considering what kind of NFT to drop, try to zero in on what your community actually wants. Maybe a fan has mentioned, “I wish you’d bring back…,” or “A collab with X would be amazing.” Those are important hints (especially when you hear the same things over and over), so keep them top of mind!

There are also ways to find out what your community wants even if they haven’t told you directly. What kinds of content do your fans tend to engage with the most? Ask yourself, “What am I already doing that people can’t get enough of?” Then consider how you could build out a premium or exclusive version of that. It can be as simple as offering an NFT version of the liner notes from a well-received album, a written recipe for the food featured in a viral TikTok, or the chance to get early or priority access to an event that always sells out.

If you’d like to offer something that you are really excited about, but that is totally new to your community, it’s a good idea to test the idea in a few ways. Try sharing teasers to see what people respond to, or offering something like it for free to see how people respond. For example, if you’d like to sell access to a workshop, offer a simpler, free version first—then dial it up based on your fans’ response.

You can also ask your audience directly whether or not they’d be into an idea. Polls are a great way to gauge interest, as well as a wonderful way to create a sense of community and investment in your work. If people express their interest in something, and then you create it, they can say they helped bring it to life.

A word for the wise: Don’t over promise. 

Plan to offer things that you’ll be excited to deliver on, that are already a part of your process. To keep it stress-free, start small. Offer just one of something to try it out and see if you like offering that kind of NFT. If it goes well, do it again—in a bigger way.

2. Price with your community in mind

Pricing is key. You can do all the work above, choose the perfect thing(s) to sell, and then get no NFT sales if you don’t price with your community in mind.

If you’re not sure how to price your NFT(s), try these tips:

  1. Ask around. You might think you know what something is worth, but as a rule of thumb, you should always ask a few people what they would pay for something.
  2. Find comparables. Look for examples of NFTs that are similar to what you want to offer, see how they were priced, and take note of how well they sold.
  3. Offer tiered pricing. With Tellie Collections you can mint as many NFTs within a Collection as you’d like. This means you can create NFTs that offer different levels of access for different prices. 

If you have a highly engaged fan base, tiered pricing is a great way to make different offering levels accessible, from basic to premium. Here’s an example of how you might structure your own tiered-pricing fan experience:

3. Level up your promo strategy

We have a secret: Before you start selling something, you need to create demand for it.

We have another secret: If no one knows you have something for sale, they will never buy it.

Just like you put time and thought into what to sell and how to price it, you should make a plan for building excitement and demand for whatever you are selling before it becomes available. Then, be sure to plan out creative ways to continue to talk about your drop to keep the conversation going.

Ideas to super-charge your promo strategy:

No matter what, remember to add a link to your NFT / Collection to your linkinbio, etc. Embed it on your Tellie Site, or make a dedicated landing page for it. No matter what, make sure people can easily discover it. Then, plan to post about it several times each week so that people don’t miss out.

4. Tell an immersive, compelling story

Tellie’s super power is that you can create fully immersive landing pages, complete with on-brand colors, images in all shapes and sizes, embedded videos, rich text boxes, links, audio, and more. We built these tools so that you can create amazing digital experiences and bring people fully into your creative world—with no code required.

Before you drop your NFT(s), create a dazzling Tellie page that tells the story of what you’re selling. Share the backstory of how the NFT came to be, and include a note about why it matters to you. Include artwork, sneak peeks, freebies, and all the vibes you can summon.

Remember to think from the perspective of your audience—What would be exciting for them to know about? What questions will they have? Test your page with a few friends and close fans to get feedback and see how it performs.

5. Build a list—they’re so worth it

Owning your own data is key to being successful as an independent artist. Don’t get stuck at the mercy of social media algorithms; instead, make sure you’re able to reach your audience directly, whenever you want, on your own terms.

When people purchase an NFT from you on Tellie, you collect things like their email address and wallet information. This means that by selling on Tellie, you are building up a contact list that you own—forever.

You can also use your Tellie page to build your list by embedding a form like Typeform, a Laylo RSVP page, or a mailing list signup form. 

With an email list, you are in a much more powerful position when it comes to dropping NFTs. Plus, you can get better insights into individual engagement, and even segment your lists based on details like previous purchases, location, and more.

Ready to get started? Head here to start building on Tellie.

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