Announcing: Tellie Drops

Create and sell digital goods that can be used to unlock exclusive content—all on Tellie!

Platforms have been cashing in on your work for too long. You deserve to benefit from the value you create.

After talking to so many of you about your needs, we’re excited to introduce Tellie Drops. With Tellie Drops you can create and sell digital goods that can be used by your community as digital keys for unlocking exclusive content.

Tellie Drops are creator-owned smart contracts minted on the Polygon blockchain. This means that any digital good you create belongs only to you, and the people who purchase them—not Tellie.

Relationships are everything, and we understand that. Through Tellie Drops, your closest community can access your creativity, and through Tellie Community (your CRM) you can access them.

These tools allow you to: 

As a Creator you are your own CEO, creative director, marketing team, and so much more. With all the hats you’re already wearing, creating a website that's as unique as your story shouldn’t be a stresser. That’s why at Tellie we are focused on providing a free easy-to-use web toolkit—no code required! 

Featured Creators

Beauty School Dropout

Longtime Tellie creators Beauty School Dropout have used Tellie to create “Dropout Deese Badge of Honor,” a community badge for their fans. The Badge will unlock an exclusive access page on Tellie that features exclusive content, early access to announcements, merch, and tickets.

The Dropout Deese Badge of Honor can be collected in one of three ways: Purchased on Tellie, earned via the Beauty School Dropout Discord, or claimed by anyone who collects one of their demos from their “Works of Progress” collection on The inclusive vision for these badges is to give all Beauty School Dropout fans an entry point into their Clubhouse.

If you are a holder of their NFT, use it on their exclusive access Tellie page to get guest list spots on their upcoming Almost Famous Tour.

Maxell Step's Waiting on Change. It is an animated gif featuring a Black boy with a halo. His eyes are closed and animated tears roll down his face.
Maxwell Step, "Waiting on Change"

Maxwell Step

Maxwell Step is a Canadian graphic designer and pixel artist whose work spans many mediums (although digital art is where his heart lies). He loves to explore the human face in his work, and has been praised for using his pieces to bringing awareness to current issues.

His new NFT “Waiting on Change” is available on Tellie in an edition of 25, and primary sale collectors will be able to unlock a token-gated page where they can claim a limited-edition physical print for free.


Joyeur is the musical moniker of LA-bred vocalist & songwriter Joelle Corey (aka Jo).

"Serenity Now" is the first NFT by Joyeur x zeroperimeter in their Mood Crystal Collection, which explores the idea of having your inner emotional experience reflected by your surroundings. The piece ponders the fluidity of the human experience, especially in terms of how challenging it can be to adhere to a consistent perception of the world as your mood changes.

Collectors of Serenity Now can unlock access to exclusive content including unreleased demos, DJ mixes, stems for remixing, limited-edition merch, and a private once-a-month AMA stream.

Get Started with Tellie Drops

How do I create a Drop?

We’ve designed the process for creating your Drops to be as easy as possible, even for people new to blockchain. There is no cost to mint, and Collections are open to everyone. With Tellie Drops, you can sell your music online, get your art funded, and bring your fans and followers closer—truly, the possibilities are endless

Check out our complete guide to creating your first Drop.

What file types are supported?

Tellie supports video, audio, and image NFTs. For audio and video NFTs you have the ability to upload an image for cover artwork that will display when the file is not playing.

Image formats: JPG / PNG / GIF
Audio formats: MP3, WAV
Video: MP4

What do people need to buy an item from one of my Drops?

Today, purchases are made with MATIC, the native cryptocurrency of the Polygon network. Soon we will support credit card payments.

Learn more about purchasing with crypto.

How much does it cost to use Tellie?

Tellie is your one-stop shop for minting, selling, and creating value for your collectors with exclusive access to content and experiences via token-gated pages.

Anyone can create a Tellie Site for free, or unlock a Pro account. Minting and listing is free on Tellie, and there is no cost to create an exclusive access page. There is a 7.5% fee on every  sale. 

What information can I collect from my collectors?

When someone purchases an item from you, the purchase will be added to your Sales dashboard. Each sale includes the wallet address for the purchaser, their email address, and more. Your buyers will also have the opportunity to opt-in to email marketing from you during the purchase process.

You always have the ability to export your entire transaction history, including the details above, into a CSV.

What kind of content can I make exclusive to purchasers?

On Tellie you make any page exclusive access for free, no code or blockchain experience required. You can lock a page using any Tellie Drop or Item, or with any POAP, Reddit Avatar, NFT or token on Avalanche, Ethereum, Flow, Polygon, or Binance Smart Chain.

You can fully embed things like an Eventbrite ticket purchase flow, a Typeform or Google Form, a Google Spreadsheet, private Vimeo videos, unlisted Shopify items and PDFs. You can also upload audio files and images like artwork and photographs.

For each gate you create, you can list up to three different items or collections that can be used to unlock the page.

Here are a few ideas:

Your drop is more than a collectible—it is a key to unlock your world. 

Learn more about exclusive access on Tellie.

Get started with creating and selling on Tellie today, and begin making money from your art.

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