Create Exclusive Experiences with Unreleased Audio

Share your unreleased music, stems, podcast episodes, voice notes and more with Tellie's Audio Tile. Upload single tracks or playlists on public pages, or even private or gated pages for exclusive experiences for your fans.

If you’re a musician or podcaster, it may feel like you’re living in the multiverse when it comes to audio services: streaming everything, everywhere, all at once. At Tellie, we pride ourselves on being platform agnostic—we integrate with over 1,900 apps and sites!

But did you know you can also host audio directly on Tellie? Our Audio Tiles allow you to host and stream music, podcasts, voice memos, and more. No need for a third-party platform—simply add the Audio Tile, give it a label, and upload a MP3, WAV, or AIFF file.

The best part: Audio Tiles give you more ways to share your sounds with the world.

🎵 Drop unreleased singles and music videos
🎙 Premiere a bonus podcast episode
🗣 Leave a voice note about the inspiration for your NFT drop
🔐 Use a Token Gate to create exclusive access

How have artists used Tellie’s Audio Tile?

Drelli’s Sneak Peak

LA-based rapper Drelli took advantage of our new Audio Tile with a sneak peek of his new single, Fancy, uploaded to his Tellie Site. This allowed Drelli to have more control over his content in a space that he owns—rather than rely on a third-party site that is designed to draw attention away. With Tellie, he could share exclusive content with his fans and direct them to pre-save the full single, without any other distractions. 

A Fan-Exclusive Release with Shxdw

Punk artist Shxdw used the Audio Tile when she dropped her new track You’re Lying but Okay via a token-gated page on Tellie. She invited her fans to collect any of an editioned series of 9 unique NFTs, each featuring animation, lyrics and a clip from the song. They could then connect their wallet to unlock the page, and listen to the complete song. Only 108 NFTs were released to collectors, creating an intimate, exclusive experience for fans. Learn how to add a token gate to any page on Tellie.

How to upload your audio files to Tellie:

  1. From your Dashboard, Edit or Create a new page
  2. Tap the + in the lower right corner
  3. Select Audio Tile
  4. Click “Upload Files” to add your MP3, WAV or AIFF files. You can create a playlist by adding multiple files teach Audio Tile
  5. Click the three-dot icon next to each file you upload to add artwork, song title and artist name.
  6. Label your Tile, hit Done and be sure to Publish / Republish your page

Our Audio Tile is a Tellie Pro feature—Signup for a free trial of Tellie Pro today to try it out.

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