Crowdfund Directly from Your Tellie Page

Over the past decade, more artists have turned to crowdfunding to achieve creative freedom. Crowdfunding allows artists to go straight to fans, friends, and the public to fund their art rather than rely on traditional gatekeepers and risk losing ownership over their work. One of the most successful early cases that comes to mind was Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter campaign which raised over a million dollars spread amongst twenty-five thousand backers.

Nowadays, there is no shortage of crowdfunding platforms. As we move into web3, new options such as have emerged, offering essential web3 toolkits for sharing and funding anything. With most of these services you are confined to a limited template, and at times that can be somewhat of a constraint. One of our goals at Tellie is to give artists the tools to overcome these constraints, visually express their brand, and tell stories across formats and platforms. With our new ‘Code Tile,’ you can embed your crowdfund directly into your Tellie page, from platforms such as Kickstarter, GoFundMe and This allows you to accomplish your goals within your own visual narrative, while also enhancing accessibility for your fans.

We recently teamed up with jazz-futurist Mark de Clive-Lowe on his most recent crowdfund, The $BUYBACK. With this project, Mark has created a roadmap for artists looking to take control over their creative destiny. The $BUYBACK was a crowdfund hosted on to raise ETH in order to buy back the masters to seven of his albums and fund a DAO label. Mark set his goal of raising 12 ETH, approximately thirty-four thousand dollars, to fund his project. 

When originally talking with Mark before launching his crowdfund, he found an accessibility problem for non-crypto natives. Mirror was a great host for backers who were already savvy with web3, but a good majority of his fans did not fit into this category. Using Tellie’s Code Tile allowed Mark to bring his crowdfund straight into his Tellie page, while also adding additional utility such as ‘How-To’ Guides, playlists and visuals to his campaign to make it accessible to a broader audience.

Mark shares, “Tellie enabled me to create a simple, user-friendly landing page for people to engage with my crowdfund campaign. Where the campaign’s native homepage is perfect for those familiar with web3, with Tellie I could have landing pages that included a simple ‘how-to’ guide for people new to crypto, embed an album so there’s a soundtrack while people explore and the ability to pledge directly to the crowdfund from the Tellie page. The desktop style UX on a web browser adds a bit of fun to it too, rather than a regular vertical scroll text heavy post.“

Being able to bring his crowdfund into his Tellie allowed Mark to widen the reach of those who wanted to be involved. Fans entering his Tellie could learn about the project, learn how to buy ETH if unfamiliar, and then donate straight from his page without leaving the experience he built. In just under a month Mark finished his $BUYBACK crowdfund raising just under forty-thousand dollars, 12.3 ETH! 

Check out to see how Mark used Tellie to help fund The $BUYBACK.

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