Do I Still Need a Website in 2022? The Creator’s Guide to Building a Home on the Web

With Tellie you can create connections never before possible and sustain your creativity for years. You don't need a traditional website, you don't need a link-in-bio, and you don't need a portfolio. All you need is Tellie.

As an aspiring musician or creator, you’re out there hustling day in and day out, putting your work out into the world, trying to catch your break. But have you laid down a foundation for future success? While showcasing your talent on social channels, you’ve probably wondered what type of digital presence you need to maximize your opportunities. Do you need a link-in-bio? Do you need a website? Do you need a portfolio?

You definitely do...but maybe not exactly in the way you think.

You need a home for your creativity.

A place where you can showcase your work and give your fans a way to get to know you and your story. A place of your own that matches the incredible work you are putting out. Will a digital home for your creativity alone get you discovered? No, probably not. Do you still need to engage and build your following on social platforms? Absolutely. But outside of TikTok, Instagram, or wherever else you’re building your fanbase, you need to have a place for those who discover you to get the full experience of you as an artist or creator. You need a way to turn casual interest into loyal fans at the beginning of your journey as an artist. Otherwise you risk always being beholden to an algorithm you can’t control and the chase of casual followers.

It can be tempting to think this is something you don’t need right now, and that you can tackle it once you’ve built a following. But don’t put it off. Creating an engaging digital home for your work is an important foundation for your career. Believe it or not, having a link-in-bio that stands out helps you gain followers on the social platform where you are posting by giving passing users who discover your posts a reason to click follow. Moreover, once your following has grown it can be much harder to transition casual fans into loyal fans who want to support you across platforms and invest in your success with their attention, time, and hard-earned dollars. In a world where ownership of creativity and output is getting more and more murky, it’s as important as ever to take control over your own slice of the digital world. You need a way to dictate your own aesthetic, distribute and sell directly to your fans and followers, and get insight into how your fans are interacting with you across platforms. Plus, it shows your commitment to your craft and sets you up with a level of professionalism that let’s brands know you’re dialed in and ready for whatever opportunity may come your way.

Convinced? Thought so. Let’s talk about what this amazing home might look like.

Broadly, you need a place that tells your unique story and helps you own your creative destiny. A home that fully expresses your brand and who you are as a creator or artist. A place where you can start simply but with room to grow.

You’ve got work to create and a world to dominate so you absolutely want a tool that’s going to help you build something in 5-10 minutes but still looks amazing and feels like it belongs to you. Something that streamlines your world, reduces your workload and doesn’t add to it. Most importantly, you want a site that works within all the social platforms, but makes you less dependent on them. A home where you can build direct, long-term relationships with fans so that when you do hit the algorithm you can take advantage of it and become a star.

Say hello to Tellie.

With Tellie's novel design, your work stands out on mobile and desktop. Take control of your creative platform and build a Tellie site in minutes - top Tellie creators have published sites within 2 minutes of beginning a draft, and 70% of Tellie creators publish a site within 1 hour. Create customized experiences for each of your creative pursuits and never again allow a one-size-fits all template to constrain you from telling your whole story. Tellie enables you to tell your stories across all formats and platforms, allowing you to pair video and audio content with text, images, GIFs, shops, links, and more. By harnessing the power to embed over 1,900 sites & apps that fully work inside a Tellie site (including all relevant social & content platforms), you can give your fans an immersive experience, all without leaving your platform of choice. In your Tellie site, fans explore your whole world all in one place.

With Tellie you can create connections never before possible and sustain your creativity for years. You don't need a traditional website, you don't need a link-in-bio, and you don't need a portfolio. All you need is Tellie.

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