February Top 8

This month's staff picks includes a mix of musical artists and collectives, web3 innovators, actors and content creators who have transformed their resumes, rental listings and link-in-bios into something worth spending time with.


We were excited when everyone's favorite alt-pop superhero Phem hosted a limited edition drop for her fans on Valentines Day. Her page featured a timer counting down til the end of the drop, and a gallery featuring images of phem and the limited edition hoodie. She of course sold out like, right away, but also had a mailing list signup embedded on her page to capture contact info for her thousands of fans who were too late. Now that the drop is over, she's got a playlist featuring her entire catalog, and has created a one-click button to send her a text: phemily.xyz

Noyz N The Hood

Noyz N The Hood is a LA-based electronic music label that was founded in 2019 with a mission to unify people in and from the hood through electronic music. The label specializes in a variety of music genres including House, Techno, Tech House, Melodic House & Techno, Bass House, Funky House, and Nu Disco. Their eye-catching Tellie Site features their sizzle, press photos, and links out to members of their collective. Check it out, get inspired.

Meish Moe

Meish Moe gained popularity with his sketch comedy on TikTok. He elevates his content to stand out on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. He uses his Tellie page in the same way, and switching from Linktree to Tellie has given him the ability to elevate his brand in all aspects of creativity. Check him out and give him a follow.

Felice LaZae

Felice's new visual album, "Prologue," is pushing the boundaries on new music releases. Using Tellie's token gating tools along with a series of POAPs, Felice created a Web3-powered experience that allows collectors to access a whole new layer of her creative world. Check out the dedicated landing page she's created for Prologue, and also her Tellie home page here (check out that #GridLayout). You can also learn more about the project via this recent interview we did with Felice.

David Christian Bailey

As a content creator, it's important to share your creativity across multiple platforms so that your followers can find you wherever they are. With Tellie, David Christian Bailey can consolidate all his content in one place -- his link in bio. As an actor and content creator, he is able to showcase his acting resume, video content, headshots and social links allowing casting directors and fans alike to have a complete picture of who he is as a creative. Check out David Christian Bailey's page and give him a follow while you're there!

Big Josh's Airbnb

One of our favorite use cases for Tellie comes from Big Josh. He uses his Tellie page to promote his short-term rental in the Silverlake neighborhood of LA. His page utilizes #GridLayout and features moody photos of his apt, a playlist to get you in the mood, a video walkthu of the space, and information on his favorite places in the neighborhood. Plus of course, the link to book. It is actually amazing. See for yourself.

Stacey Kelleher

Stacey Kelleher is an indie-pop singer/songwriter from Nashville. Her Tellie features everything a musician needs to showcase your talent: music videos, press photos, key links and a bio. The atmospheric page does a great job of highlighting Stacey's pop melodies, signature raspy voice, and detailed storytelling that give her a fresh, unique sound. Get in there.

Derrin Jordan

NYC-born, SAG-AFTRA actor Derrin Jordan uses his Tellie page as a multimedia acting resume which includes his IMDb and Actors Access profiles, as well as his headshots and acting reels. #GridLayout alert—If you are looking for inspiration on how to create a compelling and easy to navigate multimedia resume, check out Derrin's Tellie.


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