How To: Create a Free Landing Page for Your Music Release

A step-by-step guide to creating a customizable page for your full release campaign.

This step-by-step walk through will help you build a landing page for your new music release campaign in minutes. By taking these simple steps, you can properly brand and optimize your campaign, giving your fans a better experience and focusing their attention on your full story.

1) Upload a Captivating Background Image 

Your background image sets the tone for your page. If you want a busy and loud site, then add a gif or a wild image as your background. If you want a clean or more minimal approach, add an image that is simple with a lot of space.

2) Use the Instant Embed Tile to Add Your Presave Link

This is your first “Call to Action'' – and most presave links will change to a live link once the track is out. A majority of your fans will be viewing your content via a mobile device, so you’ll want the presave link to be the first thing they see.

3) Use the Video Player to Add a Featured Video

If you have one, add a Music Video or Tour Recap Video of your latest release in the player, which will be viewed above scrollable tiles on mobile. This is your centerpiece. 

4) Use the Link Tile to Create a Powerful Link List

Compile your social media links to act as a mini general homepage and give your fans easy access to your socials. If there is a site/social media platform that isn’t listed or maybe a social token or NFT collection that you want highlighted, create a button for it.

5) Add a Playlist

Use the Instant Embed tile to add your newest release or playlist by copy/pasting the playlist link from  your preferred DSP (Spotify/Apple Music/ Soundcloud/etc). Tellie Pro users can natively upload a teaser of your upcoming release using the audio tile.

If your song isn’t out yet, you can embed a playlist of your past releases and then swap to the new release once it’s out.

6) Share Your Upcoming Tour Dates

The Instant Embed tile can also be used to promote upcoming shows listed on websites like Eventbrite, Songkick, or Bandsintown. Let your fans know that you have shows coming up while they are checking out your new release. You already have their attention, why not take advantage of that to help increase ticket sales! 

If you use an Eventbrite link, you can have your fans purchase a ticket without ever having to leave your page, just make sure to select “As checkout form” under advanced options after you paste your link. Bandsintown has a widget that allows you to customize the embed to make it look great on your page. 

7) Add album artwork, photos of you / your band, and other images that represent the look and feel of your release

Creating content for your campaigns takes time, money, creative direction, and a personal strategy on how you are branding yourself. That content should be used in more ways than a simple Instagram post. Use it to brand your page and give some personality to your site. Create an image gallery or single image with associated artwork and press assets to make sure your content is promoted. You can also add hyperlinks to each image and create a “Call to Action” button to direct your fans to more content.

8) Add Your Favorite Press Quotes

Once the release is out, use your Tellie as a landing page for your song promo and update it with your favorite press mentions. Using the Text Tile you can highlight a quote that you loved while embedding the full article next to it. Give your fans more ways to connect and learn more about you.

9) Optimize Your Content for Mobile

Once you are done building your page, arrange the order that your content is displayed on mobile. A majority of your fans will follow your link-in-bio to your Tellie site via a mobile device. Make sure you prioritize the content so your main content is seen first. Display your new music and ticket links to your shows first, so your fans can jump right into your new release seamlessly. You can set the order of your Tiles from the page editor– open the “Tiles Tab”, and drag/drop your tiles in the order of how you want them displayed.

By following these steps, you will create a very useful and branded site to promote across all socials, giving your fans a hub to dig in and check out everything you are working on. Once you’re done building, hop in the Tellie Discord and show us what you made! 

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