How To: Create a Token-Gated Web Page

Everything you need to know about creating a free token gate with an NFT, social token or POAP using Tellie's no-code tools.

A Token Gate is like a lock that can be opened with a designated token, NFT, POAP or NFT Collection.

On Tellie, any page you create can be locked with a Token Gate. You can create a Token Gate using an NFT or Collection you mint on Tellie, or using any POAP, token, NFT or Collection minted on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Flow or Binance Smart Chain.

For each token gate you create, you can designate up to 3 different tokens or NFTs that can be used to unlock it. If you gate a page with an entire NFT Collection, you can optionally use the advanced features to limit a gate by certain attributes.

All creators can use the contract addresses for any ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 to access this feature.

Different kinds of NFT Gates you can create on Tellie:

By adding a Token Gate to a Page you make it exclusive to token holders. Visitors must verify that they own a token or NFT to unlock it.

Token gated pages are perfect for private newsletters, unreleased audio tracks, merch drops, exclusive info, behind the scenes content, ticket pre-sales, private forms, and more.

By pairing an NFT with a Token Gated page on Tellie, you can add more value to your NFT.

How do I create a Token Gate with an NFT or social token?

You can create or edit a Token Gate from your Dashboard, or directly from a Page. If you create a Gate from a Page, you can use it on other pages, and edit it from your dashboard, or a Page. Any edits you make will be applied to all instances of your Gate.

Read the step-by-step instructions.

How do I create a Token Gate with a POAP?

Understanding POAP

Short for 'Proof of Attendance Protocol,' POAP is the platform and infrastructure that enables the creation and storage of memories by POAP issuers and POAP collectors. This is a set of smart contracts which, for practical reasons, is currently governed by POAP inc.

POAPs, the collectibles, are NFTs minted under the Proof of Attendance Protocol smart contract. Each POAP is a digital record, held by collectors as digital proof that they attended, or participated in, a physical, virtual, or spiritual event; the POAP can double as a token qualifying its collector for potential future utility.

Using POAP and Tellie Together

Tellie's Token Gating feature supports POAP!

Add utility to any POAP drop by pairing it with a token gated page where you can use any POAP to create token-gated pages with fully embedded checkout flows for tickets & merch, upload audio, share private videos, embed forms, share images, spreadsheets and more.

Read the step-by-step instructions.

How do I create a token gated download?

You can use our Links Tile on any Tellie page to share downloadable content like video files, audio files, PDFs, or images.

People interacting with your links will not be able to copy or share download links and the only way to access the download is by successfully unlocking the token gate.

Read the step-by-step instructions.

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