How to Supercharge Your NFT Drop With Token Gating

Planning an NFT drop? Increase sales by pairing Laylo’s smart messaging with a token-gated landing page on Tellie.

Many web3 projects fail because fans miss updates, become unengaged, and ultimately lose interest. You can avoid this by pairing Laylo’s all-in-one messaging service with Tellie’s free, token-gated landing page builder—which requires zero coding to set up. When your community knows exactly where and how to access insider perks, they’re much more likely to stay engaged. In fact, we’ve found that using Laylo and Tellie together can lead to 7x more sales and streams.

Use Laylo to ignite your NFT promo strategy

Laylo simplifies communication so that your fans can easily follow your drops, find up-to-date news, and participate in your community. With Laylo’s web3 tools you can do things like collect wallet addresses, create allow lists and exclusive drops for NFT holders, and build segmented contact lists.

Use Tellie to Token Gate Your Community

Tellie makes it easy to create a free, token-gated landing page in minutes. Once your page is set up, you can use it to offer collectors access to exclusive merch and ticket pre-sales, host live streams and behind-the-scenes video content, share audio downloads, enable fan voting, and more. All these functionalities can live seamlessly on one page, giving NFT holders the ability to unlock all your exclusive perks at one single destination.

How to Integrate Laylo and Tellie

As you add new content to your token-gated pages on Tellie, you can use Laylo to notify your NFT holders. This is a great way to reward your collectors and drive more sales and engagement to your projects.

Step 1: Create your drop on Laylo

Use Laylo’s web3 features to collect wallet addresses when people RSVP to your drop.

If you already have an NFT-holding community, you can even token-gate the RSVP to your drop. This is a smart way to reward your existing NFT-holding community while simultaneously driving new sales from people who want to access the RSVP.

Tip: Find a complete walk-through of Laylo’s web3 toolkit here.

Step 2: Create your NFT-gated page on Tellie

Setting up your token-gated landing page on Tellie takes just a few moments — here’s how.

Make sure to include your Laylo RSVP card on the page so that your NFT holders can join your exclusive list.

Step 3: Hype your drop

Share your Laylo drop link to promote fan signups via Instagram, Twitter, newsletters, and through any other marketing channels.

As you share your drop, make sure to highlight the exclusive perks that NFT collectors will gain access to. Consider sharing screenshots of your gated page as a way to drive interest and excitement.

Tip: Find more NFT marketing ideas from Tellie here, and see Laylo’s insider tips for promoting your drop here.

Step 4: Announce your drop

Once your drop goes live, use your Laylo RSVP list to directly message people with a link to your token-gated page on Tellie.

Continue to share the Drop link on your social channels, and add it to your profile so fans and followers can easily find it. 

We recommend giving followers a preview of what’s on your token-gated page when you share the link as a way to drive interest. Then, be sure to tell them how they can gain access to all the exclusive perks.

Step 5: Keep using Laylo and Tellie together to re-engage fans

After you’ve used Laylo to build an RSVP list, you can continue to re-engage those fans with Laylo’s CRM tools, and reward them with exclusive access on your Tellie token-gated pages.

You can also use Laylo to segment your audience and choose which fans to reach out to. You can send messages to everyone, to NFT holders only, or to fans sorted by locations, join date, or signup type. You can then use your token-gated Tellie page to make sure that only NFT-holding fans are able to gain access when you message your lists.

As one example of what’s possible, DJ and musician Steve Aoki uses Laylo to invite his fans to private shows, merch drops, and NFT airdrops. He even segmented his list by city and invited local fans to exclusive events in their area. 

Token-Gated Page Case Studies

Musician Youngr paired the NFT drop for his track “TIME” with a token-gated page featuring stems to the song along with unreleased music, artwork, and merch discounts. Using Tellie and Laylo in this way, Youngr saw a 75% increase in sales compared to previous drops.

We’ve also seen that NFT-gated pages consistently perform exceptionally well, leading to deeper connections with fans and supporters, and opening a door to two-way communication. When artist and lyricist Iman Europe created a backstage experience featuring unreleased music—and also gave NFT-holding fans the ability to make requests and submit demos—she saw 10x increased engagement with her content, with over 20 streams per visitor.

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