How to make an EPK using our free template

Creating and keeping a professional-grade electronic press kit up-to-date takes time but we’ve made it easier for you with our free EPK Template. With just a few clicks you can add your music videos, streaming links, tour dates, press photos & album artwork.

What is an electronic press kit or EPK?

An artist's electronic press kit (EPK) is a collection of assets used to promote an artist's upcoming release or project. These press kits have everything someone in the music industry will need to grasp your story,  your style, and your creative work all in one place.

Why is it important to have an EPK?

Because your EPK contains everything in one single link, your EPK will make it easier for you to cut through the noise, and represent yourself and your work to the right people.

Think of your EPK as your professional resume and business card. With a single link, music industry professionals such as managers, booking agents, venues, promoters, journalists, and more, can access, review and share your work.

With Tellie’s EPK Template, you can make a EPK for free, and even make the page private if you want only people with the link to be able to access it. This is great for pre-release information.

Screenshot of the EPK Template featuring artist Ishamel's EPK for their 2022 Release Take.

What should be included?

Your electronic press kit should make it easy for people to have the right info at their fingertips—you don’t want to include too many things, but it is important to provide a solid snapshot for anyone reviewing the content. 

Be sure to include:

Your bio. Provide a well-crafted bio that tells your story, and builds a narrative that connects with the listener. This is where you can define your brand as an artist. Aim to discuss your challenges, influences, and achievements and try keeping it to no more than 1500 characters (2-3 paragraphs).

Photos. Use Tellie’s Gallery Tile to upload a variety of high-quality images or album artwork that can be used for promotional purposes. With the Gallery Tile you can add details like photo credits, and links to download a hi-res version.

Your music. Use the Instant Embed Tile to include links to relevant Spotify or Soundcloud playlists, or the Audio Tile (Pro Feature) to upload unreleased music.

Music videos. If you have music videos, you can embed them on your page with the Instant Embed Tile. You should feature your best video or a video relevant to a specific release or a live performance. If you don’t have a music video, you can share other behind the scenes (BTS) content that will give people a sense of your personality and creativity.

Notable moments. Use the Instant Embed Tile to link to press, or the Text Tile to feature quotes from interviews and/or accolades.

Contact information. Use the Links Tile to include ways to reach you, such as social media handles, email, and website.

Bonus: Analytics. If you have stats as it relates to to streaming, socials or sales, include a summary.

How to create an EPK on Tellie

Creating a professional-grade electronic press kit takes time but we’ve made it easier for you with Tellie's EPK Template. Our template is pre-built using best-in-class examples that show you how to add things like tour dates, streaming links, press photos & artwork, making it fast and easy to create and keep your EPK up to date.

Try out our free EPK Template.


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