Increase NFT Sales by Adding a Token Gated Page

We hear a lot about utility in the web3 space, but what are the benefits of adding content and experiences to NFT drops? At Tellie, we look at NFTs as more than digital collectibles–we help creators transform NFTs into access keys that can unlock unreleased music, limited edition merch, pre-sale event tickets, and more ways to interact with your community through your creativity.

We recently teamed up with Youngr to add a rich creative experience to his NFT Series on Before the most recent drop of his ‘TIME’ NFT, he announced that “TIME” would  unlock a token-gated page on Tellie. Behind this gated page, Youngr offered his holders stems to the song so fans can remix the track, as well as unreleased music, artwork, and merch discounts. He saw a 75% increase in first week sales compared to his previous drop.

Token-gated pages should be a best practice when planning any NFT project. Not only does it reward your buyers/fans and allow you to build a deeper long-term connection, but also it can increase the value of the NFT. 

Check out Youngr’s Tellie page here and if you're one of his ‘TIME’ holders, access his token gate here.

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