Instantly Upgrade Your Link-In-Bio with Tellieport

Tellieport is a free tool that magically turns any Linktree into an interactive, branded website in seconds.

Tellieport is a free tool that magically turns any Linktree into an interactive, branded website in seconds.

Tellie was already the easiest, fastest way for creators to build any kind of landing page, drop collections, lock exclusive content for supporters, create a link-in-bio, and more.

Now we’re taking our no-code approach even further with Tellieport—a new way for Linktree users to instantly enhance their link-in-bio experience for more fan engagement, better customization, and more sales.

What is Tellieport?

Tellieport is a free tool that integrates with your Linktree account to automatically build a beautifully designed, fully functional Tellie page for you. You can simply paste in your Linktree username, tap Tellieport, and in seconds you’ll have a customized Tellie experience to use as your link in bio across your social media accounts.

With Tellieport, your previously static list of links will magically transform into fully interactive embeds. This means your fans will be able to view all of your content in one place, purchase your products, and explore your whole world—all without ever leaving your link-in-bio site.

Who Should Use Tellieport?

If you currently use Linktree as your home on the internet, Tellieport can help expand your presence by creating an actual immersive experience (vs. a static list of links) for your followers.

Tellieport is perfect if your current Linktree contains a variety of links and media types, including videos, music, articles, social media, and other websites. 

To see the difference for yourself, look how much more exciting a Tellieport page looks when loaded with the exact same content as a Linktree page:

Create an Experience

To get started with Tellieport, simply paste in your Linktree link, and your link list will be auto-transformed into a website featuring playable YouTube and TikTok videos, Spotify playlists, smartlinks, live Twitch streams, press articles, and even your merch shop. We’ll also add your social links, a profile pic, and a captivating background image—all instantly, for free.

Engage Your Audience

Tellie helps you turn your followers into true fans. With embedded videos, image galleries, music playlists and merch, followers spend on average twice as long on a Tellie site than they do on a Linktree. Even better, once people visit your new site, they are far more likely to stick around. Followers look at 3x the number of pages and are 2x as likely to take an action on a Tellie Site versus a Linktree page.

Sell More

Steady revenue is how you turn your passion into your profession. From Shopify to Gumroad, Tellieport will replace your static shop link with a complete checkout experience that works right inside your link-in-bio page. With this feature, creators selling on Tellie saw a 6x increase in sales, and some even reported that within two weeks of adding a shop to their link in bio, they sold 6x more vinyls over the entire previous year of selling on Linktree.

Customize Your Site

To truly tell your story and show off your creative work, you need more than a list of links. Your home on the web should reflect you—your craft, your vibes, your whole creative self. With Tellie you can customize your site with artwork, photography, a background image, and colors that reflect the full spectrum of your personality. 

We invite you to try Tellieport and experience the difference. If you fall in love (we think you will!), upgrade to Tellie Pro, and we’ll give you a free custom domain so you can completely own your branding.

What Tellie Believes

You shouldn’t need to take a special course or pay someone else to build and manage your online home.

You deserve access to tools that help you tell your story, in your own way. We believe in giving you what you need to easily create beautifully designed websites that help you fully express yourself. You should never feel constrained by one-size-fits all templates that reduce your creativity to generic boxes and buttons or templatized, algorithmically-driven feeds.

Overall, we believe you deserve tools that make it easy to put yourself and your work online, so you can focus on what matters most—creating.

Tellieport is just one part of what Tellie offers. To get started with the easiest, fastest web2 and web3-powered website builder out there, head here. It’s free to get started, and you can have your own customized website live in minutes. We also offer plenty of resources for creators, and are here to help you make the most of your online presence.

Ready to try Tellieport? It’s free—just click here.

Note that Tellieport only integrates with Linktree accounts at the moment, but we plan to support more transformations in the coming months.

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