Introducing Tellie Collections

Creators should own the relationship with your audiences, own your content, and have the financial tools to make a living. That’s why we’re bringing you and your fans on-chain.

Creators should own the relationship with their audiences, own their content, and have the financial tools to make a living. That’s why we’re bringing you and your fans on-chain.

❖ Creator-Owned Contracts

❖ Sustainable, gasless minting on Polygon

❖ Fans pay with Stripe

❖ Fans unlock goodies

We’re rolling out our Beta in phases over the next few months. Sign up for the Beta here and keep reading for more details.

New Dashboard

We believe creators can control their creative destiny by building a decentralized fan club. We’ve put the care into making it: creator-owned, free, and easy for non-web3 creators and fans to get started.

We’ve organized our roadmap and our new creator dashboard around it.

Tellie Collections

Tellie Collections are creator-owned smart contracts on Polygon. Don’t worry about gas fees, we’ve got you covered. All you need is a wallet. You own the contract, forever.

Once your Collection is created, you can mint NFTs without paying gas fees directly onto your contract. All of your data will be uploaded to IPFS and rendered on marketplaces like OpenSea. Set your own royalty rate. Mint NFTs directly into your wallet.

Automatic Token Gates

For every Collection you create on Tellie, we’ll automatically generate a Token Gate you can use to unlock creative experiences for supporters.

Collection Pages

We want to make it easy for your fans to support you, build an on-chain relationship, and unlock exclusive experiences. Every Collection you create on Tellie will come with a beautiful visualization which can live at your own domain name. Collection pages help showcase your work and auto-display the content fans can unlock when they purchase.

Accept Crypto + Credit

Creators can choose to list their Collection NFTs for sale directly on their Tellie Site and fans can buy using crypto or Stripe.

Fans without a crypto wallet can buy a Collection NFT using a credit card or Apple Pay, where it’s added to their Tellie Library. Fans can then transfer the NFT out to another wallet for free or never need to interact with the NFT.

Manage Your Supporters

During checkout, fans can opt into sharing their contact info with you, so you can reach them on and off chain. Build and export your mailing list and see and export your NFT holders, organized by Collection.

Collection Tiles

Add interactive visualizations of your collections, with full checkout flows, to any existing Page. Bring your NFTs and creative work together in a larger narrative.

Checkout to Unlock

Any fan visiting a Token Gated page can go through a purchase flow and buy access (and the NFT that unlocks the page) without leaving the experience. Once they purchase, the page magically unlocks.

We believe NFTs as a technology are powerful tools to manage identity, relationships, and access. They can power fan clubs that free creators from social platforms, locking them in and controlling their livelihood. We’re setting creators up for success with on-chain tools they own and can bring anywhere.Stay tuned for a big update to our landing page soon which covers where we’re going this year and beyond.

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