October Top 8

From viral TikTok stars to genre-defining musicians to NFT hitmakers, our staff picks for this month will inspire you for days. Check out the post for ideas on page layout, creative use of GIFs, and ideas for selling your merch.

Every month the Tellie team chooses our Top 8 Tellie sites for the month. We look for sites that inspire us, make creative use of our tools, and create experiences that enable deeper connections between creators and their communities. 


UZ, aka the godfather of trap, shares a deep dive into his releases, music videos, and more. We love his bold page background and layout, and also his use of animated images utilizing transparent backgrounds for an immersive feel. Dive in.

Screenshot of UZ's website on tellie featuring Spotify and Youtube embeds, and also logos and photos

Harry Vincent

We are obsessed with designer and artist Harry Vincent’s brutalist style. We love his use of images and GIFs, and the way he’s laid the interactive tiles out feels like a cohesive canvas…or maybe a peek into his mind. Fall in love.

Screenshot of Harry Vincent's website

Mal Sounds

Mal Sounds created his site as his online home for everything he's creating right now. With the embedded Youtube videos as Spotify playlists his community can keep up to date on everything! Make sure you check out his viral single,"ROULETTE." 


Our in-house astral realm traveler, created a vibey beach themed page embedding her Spotify, Youtube, marketplace for her NFTs, podcast, and so much more. Honestly, if its being done she's the one doing it. 👀


This Bitbird artist has an eye for branding. His on-point page features upcoming shows, new releases, merch and more in a simple grid format. Vibe.

Cam Murdoch

With over a decade of experience under his belt as a rapper, singer-songwriter, and producer and just overall vibe bringer Cam Murdoch has continued to push the limits with his musical creativity. This continued drive is what led the Virginia based creator to Web3 back in late 2021. Cam was quick to learn that web3 was a perfect platform to showcase his skills as well as a place to build a genuine community thus FUTURE SURF LABS was created. Enter Cam's world.

Big Irie

Big Irie's site give off some attitude, in the best way possible. The layout is clean, well branded and the music is fire. Take a listen.


Rising TikTok star Xanu created a homepage for his fans to check out everything he is working on, including his debut release, Inside My Head. We especially want you to peep the way he used the gallery tile to tease his TikTok content. Be amazed.

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