Power Up Your Sales: Sell Out Every Product & Merch Drop Using Tellie’s Shop Tile

With the increasing competition in artist product and merch drops, it can be hard to cut through the noise and get customers to decide to make a purchase from you. Whether you have a new product, a big sale, or an NFT dropping, you need to tell your story and make your fans care about wanting to support you. So how can you create buzz around your newest products

There's good news: Even if you are early in building a following, you can put your content and aesthetic front and center to drive more sales. 

So how do you get a passing fan to click that buy button? You need to take casual visitors and transform them into fans who connect with you and your story. You need to turn one-off visitors into regulars who make the decision to support you so you can make a living doing what you love. Building this intent to purchase in a would-be fan can be one of the toughest things an up-and-coming artist or creator faces. 

Buzz, engagement, and a pop from an algorithm are all great starting points. But are you poised to capitalize on social media growth with sales? It’s well-documented that investing in design can lead to a 20x increase in product sales and revenue for creators and large businesses alike. In fact, consumers make purchase decisions within 50 milliseconds of landing on a website, driven in large part by the aesthetic beauty and design of the site.

Your fans and followers are much more likely to buy from you if you build a connection first and invite them to interact with your work.

Tellie makes other link-in-bio tools feel like yesterday's news with its innovative design, feature-rich storytelling capabilities, and the power to give your fans and followers a way to explore your world all without having to leave the platform they discovered you on. 

Plus, Tellie is now the perfect place to showcase merchandise in your own branded venue. With the Shop Tile, you can display products directly into your Tellie page in a beautiful and convenient way. Along with Tellie’s Instant Embed and Text Tiles, the Shop Tile pairs visual previews of products with relevant context and content all in one screen. You can easily set up a clickable, visual store paired with the content it relates to--turning a simple link in bio into an immersive shopping experience. It creates a richer storytelling experience, increases intent to purchase, and, ultimately, follow through on purchase. 

Fans aren’t just clicking a button that says “merch” like traditional link lists without any idea what they will find on the other side, only to bounce to another platform before even viewing your products. They build an authentic connection with you, click on the specific item they want to buy, and then follow through and buy at much higher rates

How about some real world success? The results of LA-based record label Future Gods speak for themselves. Within 2 weeks of updating their Tellie page with a Shop Tile, their vinyl sales increased 6x over the entire previous year! With no other mediums pointing to their vinyl sales outside of their Shop Tile, it’s a true testament to the power of what’s possible when you build a meaningful connection and intent to purchase with fans and followers.

You’ve put in the work. Don’t miss your chance to capitalize on the authentic connections you’ve worked so hard to cultivate and maximize fan interest with Tellie’s Shop Tile. It’s time to take your potential and turn it into product sales.

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