Power Up Your Ticket Sales: Sell Tickets Directly in Your Tellie Page & Sell Out Every Show

Capture interest by embedding a checkout flow directly into your Tellie Site.

These days the attention of your fans moves at lightspeed, and you’ve only got a tiny sliver of time to capitalize on their interest. In fact, consumers make purchase decisions within 50 milliseconds of landing on a website. You’re sending folks who discover you on social platforms to a beautiful online experience you’ve built, but how do you get a passing fan to click that buy button? You need to take casual visitors and transform them into fans who connect with you and your story and then give them a one-click purchase process.  

Building this intent to purchase in a would-be fan can be one of the toughest things an up-and-coming artist or creator faces.

Buzz, engagement, and a pop from an algorithm are all great starting points. But are you poised to capitalize on social media growth with conversion to sales? It’s well-documented that investing in design can lead to a 20x increase in product sales and revenue for creators and large businesses alike. Your fans and followers are much more likely to buy from you if you build a connection first and invite them to interact with your work. Sales flow from the aesthetic beauty and design of a site, and Tellie makes other link-in-bio tools feel like yesterday's news. With its innovative design, feature-rich storytelling capabilities, and the power to give followers a way to explore your world without having to leave the platform they discovered you on, we’re powering your ability to connect directly with fans. 

Now that you have built purchase intent by establishing a stronger connection with your visitors, how are you capitalizing on it? It’s not just displaying your work beautifully, it’s how easy it is for your fans to quickly purchase with the fewest clicks. No matter the audience, 94% of consumers say a website must be easy to navigate and 87% of consumers will abandon a checkout if the process is complicated. That means you’ve got to create a low-click journey. It’s especially important in the context of converting casual visitors and fans with whom you’ve built purchase intent

Let’s look at it in more practical terms. Are you giving potential fans a fast, one-click way to purchase tickets to your next concert or event? With our Eventbrite Instant Embed, your fans can now purchase tickets without leaving your Tellie site. It’s not just a preview, fans can now buy directly on Tellie. All you have to do is paste an Eventbrite link into an Instant Embed tile, then check ‘as checkout form’ under Advanced Options. Low friction, easy checkout, and an ease of use that matches exactly what your fans want and need.

At Tellie we’re not only helping you create the online home worthy of your creativity, but we’re giving you a powerful new tool to help you power up your ticket sales to sell out every show.

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