Reward Supporters With Exclusive Content on a Token-Gated Tellie Page

Using Tellie’s token-gating feature, Iman Europe created a Backstage experience where fans could access unreleased music. On the day Iman launched Backstage, her tracks received more than 20 streams per visitor.

Rewarding your token supporters with unreleased content, merch, and ticket pre-sales has never been easier. No more hunting down developers and building custom sites for token holders. Tellie allows you to build a no-code custom website in minutes that only superfans who buy your NFT can unlock and explore – leading to a 10x increase in engagement with your content.

Rising lyricist and NFT artist Iman Europe has gone from making $300 a month from fans streaming music to $60,000 on NFT sales almost overnight. Her goal for this drop from the start was to deepen her connection with her most loyal supporters – to allow her NFTs to act as keys that unlock deeper experiences around her music. In an ideal world, Iman wanted to begin engaging in a two-way conversation with her token holders and give them a say in the future of her music.

Using Tellie’s token-gating, Iman created her Backstage experience where fans have access to unreleased music. On top of this, Iman allowed holders to suggest artists they would like to hear on future tracks and submit demos themselves for a chance to be featured. Her Backstage experience was initially gated by 75 NFTs, allowing 75 holders to gain access to the experience.

On the day Iman launched her gated experience, her five unreleased tracks received more than 20 streams per visitor. Altogether she saw 554.48% clicks to visitors rate on the tiles in her gated page. Her 75 holders entered her gated page and could not get enough – they came back again and again for more–making it far more likely they would support her again in the future.

Iman shares, “As most people probably know by now, I am super excited for what Tellie brings to web3. The ability to create my own world where only my collectors and I live allows us to create deeper connections that will lead to long-lasting relationships and is something that is very important to me. As an artist who is active in both web2 and web3, Tellie is a platform that allows me to bridge these worlds together. I’m super excited to see more artists tap into this platform.”

Check out to stay up to date with all things Iman Europe, and of course, if you're holding any of her NFTs you can access her gated experience here:

--> Tellie Creators, you can create your token gate in minutes, no code required.

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