Tellie and Web3: Bridging the Best of Web2 and Web3

At Tellie we believe in a future where creators and their fans directly own and control their relationships. A future where NFTs transform from pure collectibles into identity and access keys that grant fans access to a creator’s world, including immersive content experiences and ongoing utility such as community, events, merch, and more. A future where creators and their fans directly hold these keys with no middle men. 

This future is powered by web3, and it’s going to change everything.

Instead of your identity, content, and data being owned by giant tech companies, you can own what you create and your relationships with your fans and take them with you. Now when your fans support you or connect with you, those relationships exist outside of any one platform. You can bring your audience anywhere and take advantage of new tools without being locked into the platform where fans discovered you. It will offer more freedom for connection, interaction, and expression on a creator’s terms, and also the opportunity for all creators with an engaged fanbase to make a living from their creativity. At Tellie, we’re focused on helping artists and creators with no technical background access the power of ownership. 

We believe that for artists to truly make a living from their art, they need tools such as collections / smart contracts they own and ways for fans to show off their support. By bridging the best of web2 and web3, Tellie creates a world of new combinations and opportunities to engage fans and build lifelong relationships. Put simply, Tellie is the creator site builder for where the world is going.

Token Gate Pages for Your Community

With Tellie’s Token Gated Pages, you can use any existing Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche (C-Chain), and Binance Smart Chain token (NFTs, social tokens, alt coins, etc.) to gate exclusive content experiences for community members who hold that token. Soon we'll be adding token-gating support for Flow, Solana, Arbitrum, and Tezos. We want everyone to be able to add additional utility to any token and create these new experiences with the ease and flexibility of the rest of Tellie’s innovative tools. 

Now, creators and communities can build exclusive gated experiences that can include: content drops; new or unreleased music; exclusive info; behind-the scenes videos, photos, and other materials; event pre-sales; private forms; newsletters; merch drops; and much more.

Get started with building on web3 today.

We know there is so much more to do. We’ll continue to roll out new features both to add additional utility for existing web3 creators and to make it easier for creators who have not yet made the leap take the initial steps into web3. On Tellie, you are able to create and own smart contracts, mint and sell your own NFTs, and build exclusive token gated experiences all in one place. We’re excited to be on this journey together.

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