Tellie Product Features – A Crash Course

Embed a Spotify playlist, add your Shopify store, upload your music, add your link list, embed anything from across the web, add a custom domain, build your site from your phone, and so much more.

Question: What is the fastest, easiest, best looking site-builder / landing page builder / portfolio website / link-in-bio tool?

Answer: Tellie! Read on for an overview of some of our most popular features.

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Tellie Feature Overview

Spotify Playlist Embed

One-click to add your Spotify playlist (or a playlist from any DSP). Make it easier your followers to discover your music and drive new subscriptions by embedding any music or video playlist right on your Tellie site using the Instant Embed Tile. Just copy any playlist link and voila! See how musician Reva DeVito embedded her album Goodbye for Now on her landing page for her album release.

Instant Embed Tile

The Instant Embed Tile can do much more than just Spotify Playlists – you can embed 2000+ sites and apps directly in your site by copying and pasting a link. Try adding a link to your a smartlink (like Linkfire or your videos from social or Youtube, an Eventbrite link, a Typeform, a Google Map… the list goes on! See our running list of sites supported with Instant Embed.

Page Templates

Page Templates make it even easier and faster to build or update your Site. You’ll find a template for an art portfolio, a new album release or tour, an electronic press kit and more. Explore our Templates.

Text Tile

The Text Tile lets you tell your story in your own words. Add text, images, and links directly into a Tile—with a wide range of formatting options. Most people use it for a quick intro about themselves or their project or an easy-to-navigate blog-style post or article, but the possibilities are endless! Use Tellie as your blog, share your liner notes, publish a multi-media magazine, share your artist statement, post your film credits, add your CV...and more.

Gallery Tile

Tell a visual story in a series of up to 25 images in one Tile. Each image within the gallery can have a title, description, and unique link. Check out The Photographic Journal's Tellie where they share photo essays and articles using the Gallery Tile.

Mobile Page Designer

Build and edit your site on your phone! Everything you can do on your laptop/desktop can also be done on the go.

Tellie Pro Features

Refer 3+ friends and unlock Tellie Pro. With Tellie Pro you can add a custom domain, access our code tile to add your own HTML/CSS/JS code to your Tellie page, upload audio, and more. Share your invite link.

Custom Domains

You can add a custom domain instead of your Tellie URL. And if you don't already have your own domain, Tellie Pro users get a FREE .xyz domain. All you have to do is unlock Pro for instructions on how. Set-up your Custom Domain via your Tellie Dashboard.

Embed Your Shopify Store

Use our Code Tile to embed anything with an HTML code, including your Shopify store including a complete checkout experience right on your page. Host your merch drops on Tellie, and your fans can buy your products without ever leaving your Tellie Page.

Hosted Audio Files

Use our Audio Tile to host and stream music, podcasts, voice memos, and more audio from your Tellie page-- without embedding a 3rd party platform.

Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel

Connect your Google Analytics Account for detailed insights on how your fans browse + track events in your Pages with a Facebook Pixel. Set-up your tracking links on in your Tellie Dashboard in Settings.

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