Tellie Tiles: Tell Your Story & Integrate Your World

Are you ready to say goodbye to faceless links that drive your fans off to other platforms? 

With Tellie, you can now build a customizable digital home in minutes that integrates your world into an immersive experience you own and control. Now your fans can explore all of your online touch points without leaving the social platform where they discovered you. If you’re ready to take control of your creative platform and tell your story, let’s explore the power of Tiles.

The Instant Embed Tile: Reduce clicks and friction for your fans

With Instant Embeds, you can integrate all the apps and sites you use in one place. Instant Embeds allow you to embed video, music, podcasts, social channels, ticketing platforms, blogs, pre-save links, livestreams, forms, 3D sketches, maps, and so much more. In fact, you can embed close to 2,000 sites & apps (including all relevant social & content platforms) directly in your Tellie Page simply by copying and pasting a link. Those sites and apps automatically populate in a Tile, and your fan can fully explore them without leaving your Page. This dramatically reduces friction for your fans to support you. They can now follow you across social platforms, buy tickets from you, stream your music, provide their email or phone number--all without leaving your Tellie page. 

The Instant Embed also allows you to tell multi-part stories, pairing video, audio, text, images, GIFs, shops, links, and more. For example, you can provide deeper context around each release while driving the streams and views that get you discovered. Highlight your music by embedding a Spotify playlist or your latest tracks on Soundcloud and pair them with BTS footage and the motivation behind the song. Give your fans the chance to pre-save your latest single using tools like linkfire or Then capitalize on the buzz by allowing fans to buy tickets to your upcoming shows on Eventbrite. Add in your Bandcamp site, YouTube music video, relevant social posts, the list goes on! Take your fans from curiosity about you to front row seats, all within one digital experience. Your fans can fully explore each site/app within Tellie and without clicking out. It all just works.

The Gallery Tile: Show off your style

Our Gallery Tile enables you to tell rich, immersive stories in a series of up to 25 images in one Tile. Each image within the gallery can have its own customizable title, description, and a unique link. Now you can curate a visual story that stays in order and doesn’t disappear after 24 hours. The Gallery Tile also allow you to include more visual information in an organized and structured way. 

The Text Tile: Tell your story

Sometimes nothing captures the poignancy of your personal journey like carefully crafted text. Our Text Tile lets you add text, images, and links directly into a Tile, all with a wide range of formatting options. Streamline your written mediums and combine your website, blog, portfolio, or EPK into one clean, well-designed Tile. Craft a compelling “About Me” and give future fans insight into who you are and what makes you tick, or highlight your lyrics or script in a beautiful way and bring new depth to your content. Tellie’s Text Tile gives you the power to bring your words to life.

Tellie Tiles give creators the tools to express your creative vision and maximize your potential. They break the shackles of a “one-size-fits-all” link in bio solution. Tellie was designed and built to serve and empower creators to tell your story in the best way possible, no matter where you are in your journey. With Tellie Tiles, the only limits are your own imagination.

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