Top 3 Ways Creators Use Tellie

From link-in-bio pages to portfolio sites, creators are using Tellie to do it all. This post covers best practices and how-tos for creating your Tellie site in minutes.

Tellie makes it easy for you to build a home for your creativity—whatever that means to you. If you spend a little time browsing in-use Tellie sites, you’ll find all kinds of creators doing all kinds of things, which is just the way we like it.

While you can use Tellie to make just about any kind of website, we’ve found that creators love using Tellie to create three things in particular: link-in-bio pages, custom landing pages, and portfolio sites. Below, we’ll walk you through some tips for engaging your community with gorgeous Tellie-built versions of these three popular use cases.

Create a custom link-in-bio page. #TellieInBio

Tellie is your go-to solution for creating a branded and fun (yet easy to navigate) link-in-bio page.

You can think of your link in bio as a kind of mini portfolio site, where your followers should be able to quickly find links to everywhere you call home online—plus all the links mentioned in your recent social posts. Link-in-bio pages need to load quickly on mobile and be easy to navigate, as most people will be clicking through from Instagram, and you don’t want to risk losing their attention.

One cool thing about Tellie is how well our pages work as link-in-bio pages, without any special adjustments. On mobile, Tellie Link Tiles load in a stacked single column that looks similar to traditional link-in-bio pages (like Linktree, for example). But on Tellie, you can fully customize your page with your own branding, media, and more—making the link-in-bio experience dynamic and immersive.

As an example, try loading musician GG Magree’s Tellie page on mobile. On Desktop, the page has a fun custom layout featuring all kinds of media. On mobile, the page still features all the same content, but her Link Tile shows up at the top of the page, neatly organized into one column—resulting in the perfect link-in-bio experience, without her needing to create a special page.

How do I make a #TellieInBio?

  1. Add a Link Tile featuring your most important links and recent news.
  2. Customize your page using high-contrast colors and fonts that are easy to read.
  3. Organize your Tiles in the order you want people to see them while scrolling your page.
  4. Create a custom domain for your #TellieInBio (keep it short and snappy!)—here’s how.

Make a landing page for an event, album release, or press kit.

Tellie is a super versatile tool for building landing pages—and landing pages are an endlessly versatile way to build your brand.

Many creators underestimate the power of a beautiful landing page. But when you combine your creative story with compelling visuals, playable media, and other embeds like a newsletter signup or social media posts, you have the opportunity to truly immerse your community in your creative world. Landing pages are also extremely useful marketing tools, enabling you to hook people into your call to action—whether that be capturing RSVPs, selling tickets or products, or downloading an asset pack. On Tellie, you can have as many landing pages as you'd like—tailor them for different audiences, releases, seasons, etc.

Landing pages for events

Events are a great use case for a custom landing page, as they enable you to convey important information, set the mood and drum up excitement, and collect RSVPs or sell tickets—all from one convenient page.

As a great example, check out Future Wave’s Summit Tellie page. With an event agenda, SoundCloud embed, RSVP embed, and designed flyer, this page pulls out all the stops. We especially love how they included their mission statement to remind people why they do what they do, and to get people more engaged with the event.

We also love Zora’s ZORATOPIA page, which shares all the info for their Art Basel Miami Beach parties. They get bonus points for their undulating gradient background that brings all the neon beachy vibes.

How do I build an event landing page with Tellie?

  1. Collect RSVPs or sell tickets by pairing our Instant Embed Tile with Typeform or Eventbrite (with Eventbrite, be sure to check “advanced” in the Tile settings to make it a checkout form).
  2. Add photos, videos and music. Set the mood for your event by uploading a background image, embedding a music playlist or video, and use the gallery tile to share headshots and bios of your featured guests.
  3. Showcase important info. Use a brightly-colored Text Tile to include the event’s schedule, or to share other important information such as where to register, how to get there, what’s included in the ticket price, etc.

Landing pages for album releases

If you’ve released music before, you know how crucial it is to build momentum around the launch. A great strategy is to use a landing page to start teasing your album release early. You can do this by including a pre-save link, tour dates, or teaser tracks. Then, when the full album drops, you can update the page to feature the album in its entirety—plus other fun stuff like music videos, liner notes, ticket purchase, and more.

As an example, take a look at Reva DeVito’s page for her album, Goodbye For Now. She has included links to listen to the album on any streaming service, an album trailer, and an insightful paragraph about the experience that drove her to create the album.

How do I create an album release page with Tellie?

  1. Get early listeners. Add a pre-save link to your album using our Instant Embed Tile.
  2. Showcase your music video(s). Use the Video Player to embed a music video as the centerpiece of your page.
  3. Sell tickets. Publicize your upcoming tour dates by pairing the Instant Embed tile with the ticket-purchase embed from Eventbrite, Songkick, or Bandsintown.

If you’re planning to drop an album soon, we have a handy guide on using Tellie to create a free landing page for your music release.

Landing pages for press kits

If you’re working to get press for your creative work, building out a “press kit” page is a smart way to make it easier for members of the media to get what they need to feature you in the best way possible. This is another great thing to keep in mind when planning an album release, so that when it’s time to promote your music, you have your press assets ready to go and easy to access.

How do I create a press kit page with Tellie?

  1. Include high-quality image assets. Make sure to include creative, high-fidelity head shots, as well as images of you “doing your thing,” whether that means playing a show or painting in your studio. Make sure to add links to each image that point people to a downloadable version.
  2. Tell your story. Include a Text Tile with long-form information about your creative career, or pull quotes about what others have said/written about you. This is your chance to tell your story in your words, so don’t hold back!
  3. Showcase past press. Use the Links Tile to include links to favorable past press. If you’ve been featured by anyone notable, or done any cool collaborations, you could also share that here. We also like the way Matt FX used the Gallery Tile to feature press highlights.

Making a press kit? We’ve got a template for that! To access our free electronic press kit template, go to Create a New Page and select the “Build an EPK” template from the list. There are even some more tips in the template.

Share your creative work with a Tellie-powered portfolio site.

If you’re a designer, illustrator, or other kind of for-hire creator, having an eye-catching portfolio site is non-negotiable. The best portfolio sites put your talents on full display while sharing a little of your personality, too.

We are big fans of Thao Nguyen’s Tellie-built portfolio site. It’s the perfect mix of fun, informative, and visually diverse—with lots to explore. The “About Thao” section at the top features at-a-glance work experience, and we love the bold blue Text Tile that shares more about Thao’s self-identification as a “get things doner.”

How do I make a portfolio site with Tellie?

  1. Make it super visual. Use Image Tiles to share your best artwork. Be sure to include a blurb about what each image is, including whether or not it was for a client.
  2. Give people the tl;dr of who you are. What are the top three things someone should learn about you from visiting your site? Put that information up top in a big, bold font.
  3. Keep things organized. Nobody wants to spend very long trying to make sense of a chaotic portfolio page. Keep things fun and stimulating, but make sure your page is easy to navigate and read, too.

Bonus for web3 creators: Tellie makes token gating easy.

Tellie isn’t any old easy-to-use website builder—it’s also fully stacked with web3 capabilities. If you’re making a teaser page for an album release, kick it up a notch by token gating it. Token gating is basically like “locking” your page, and requiring your fans to hold an NFT to access the content. This is a great strategy for driving NFT sales and drumming up excitement before your release. Learn more about the possibilities of token gating here.

Create your Tellie Site today!

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