You’re More Than a List of Links: How Tellie Is Redefining Your Link-in-Bio

It’s time to ask yourself this simple question: “Is my link in bio tool truly working for me?” How Tellie is redefining your link-in-bio.

It’s time to ask yourself this simple question: “Is my link in bio tool truly working for me?” Giving your followers access to your work is essential, and there are a million tools out there to send them from one platform to another to view your work. But are these tools actually serving you as an artist or creator? Are they helping you gain independence? Or is it just another means for companies to control you, your work, and your growth, despite promising you the opposite?

The current generation of link in bio tools were born out of necessity, but aren’t optimized for you. 

They sought to make the most of limited real estate, but ultimately they aren’t serving creators as they originally intended. To start, they all look/function the same--a bunch of buttons, a range of different shapes and colors, a little bit of flashy wiggle here or there. But at the end of the day, they’re sending your fans off to other platforms via a hallway of links that leaves you at the mercy of factors you don’t control. The experience tosses your fans back and forth between platforms that pay you pennies, resulting in your fans bouncing to go view someone else's work or onto something else entirely. These tools don’t do anything to help you be less reliant on a handful of other platforms, nor do they truly empower you as an artist. Despite their intent, they don’t maximize your opportunity to convert casual interest into fans and advocates. They’re simply squeezing you into a box that’s the “standard” for the industry. But you’re not “standard,” are you? You’re more than a list of links.

It’s not just design and experience that’s letting you and your fans down. They are convincing you that the wrong metrics matter.

Sure, standard link-in-bio tools tout high CTRs, but what’s the value of a high click through if the corresponding bounce rate is high too? If conversion doesn’t flow from initial interest, what are we really putting value on? How are these tools following through on their promises to you the artist after they toss your fans to another platform? Maybe it’s time we rethink the metrics fed to us by link-in-bio companies and look to figures like time spent consuming your work and conversion to sales that represent a truer measure of success to you as a creator. Industry-standard tools don't actually help you build that critical intent necessary to turn a casual fan into a patron and then help you create a fanbase that wants to be a patron over and over again.

The bottom line is, most links in bio are “one size fits all” tools that neither offer you an experience worthy of your brand, nor help you throughout your lifecycle as you build an audience, turn casual followers into fans, and ultimately make a living based on the support of those fans. They exist as a bunch of storefronts that all look the same, where nothing stands out. As a creator you’re working your hardest on your creative output only to have it reduced to a bunch of links, giving fans no real reason to choose you over anyone else.

At Tellie, we believe you are more than a list of links.

With Tellie's novel design, your work stands out on mobile and desktop. Unlike other tools, Tellie gives your fans a way to explore your whole world all in one place. Say goodbye to faceless links that drive your fans off to other platforms. Now they all work within Tellie. You can tell your stories across all formats and platforms, pairing video and audio content with text, images, GIFs, shops, links, and more. You can embed over 1,900 sites & apps that fully work inside a Tellie site (including all relevant social & content platforms). 

Ultimately, you can give your fans an immersive experience, all without leaving the social platform where they discovered you. Now you can drive all the metrics you want--streams, views, and more--without sending fans away from your work. The result is casual followers become true fans--they spend more time with your work, bounce at lower rates, come back to your link in bio repeatedly, and convert to the products you are selling at higher rates. With real design and storytelling tools and everything integrated, you can create a strong foundation that helps you build true fans, stronger intent to patron, and repeat visits. 

Tellie elevates and empowers creators of all types, no matter where they are in their journey. 

Tellie helps level the playing field, giving under-resourced creators the tools to replicate what bigger creators can do with expensive custom sites. It opens up access for more creators to create digital homes that are built for the long haul. Homes that have the flexibility and technology to help them grow, harness their creativity, and make a living, all while giving them the power to control the experience from day one.

Tellie empowers creators to take control over their destinies. It’s about freedom, not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. It’s a tool built to serve creators, not force them into a necessary evil that can stifle creativity and growth. It’s time to rethink link in bio tools. It’s time for Tellie.

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