Free Web3 Website Builder

Your essential web3 starter kit, no-code required. 

Customizable drag-and-drop website and landing page builder, gasless creator-owned smart contracts and token-gates that you can create for free, in minutes.

Build a Web3 Site
Build your fully customizable web3 website, link-in-bio or landing page in minutes from your desktop or phone.

Upload original images and audio, easily embed any website or app.
Own Your Smart Contracts
Own your NFTs forever. Mint for free on Polygon, directly to your own smart contract. Sell directly on Tellie or marketplaces like OpenSea. Set your own royalty rates, take your community anywhere.
Power Your Community
Create a no-code token-gated website or landing page for free in minutes with NFTs minted on Tellie, POAPs and other tokens minted on Ethereum, Polygon, Flow, Avalanche or Binance Smartchain.

Learn more about how you can use Tellie to create your website.

Featured Examples
Explore sites created by some of the Musicians, Podcasters, Writers, Artists, Video Creators using Tellie.
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Built for the future

Tellie is a new kind of site builder with composability and progressive decentralization at its core.

Take Your Fans Anywhere
Build a fan club on Tellie and be free from platforms locking you in and controlling your livelihood.
Own Your Content
Tellie is integrating with decentralized file storage and mapping solutions like ArWeave & IPFS so you can permanently host and own your content.
Modular by Design
Tellie gives you the building blocks to combine on and off-chain features that unlock new content formats and funding structures.
Case Studies, How-To's and Best Practices
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Help to Get Started
What is Web3?
What is a Web3 wallet?
What is an NFT?
How do I sell NFTs?
How do I create a token gated behind-the-scenes experience?
How do I build a web3 website?